WOO Win at Devils Bowl!!!

March 13th, 2019 by Wade Huisman

As the Shark Racing Team rolled into the famed Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite Texas Friday night, there was a buzz of excitement surrounding the team. Logan had shown great speed in Arizona and Jake was finding his marks during qualifying, and the team knows that Devil’s bowl is a place they have been strong at before.

They would be strong once again, as Logan Schuchart would lay down a lap of just 13.792 seconds placing him 3rd overall and Jacob Allen would be nipping at his heels with a lap time of 13.879 placing him 4th overall in single-car qualifications.

Those lap times placed each driver on the front row of their heat races. Jacob would take full advantage of an outside of the front row starting position and out duel Kraig Kinser for the Heat Race win. This race would deliver a generational flashback to veteran fans of the sport, and it was uniquely fun watching an Allen and Kinser battling for a win at the famed half-mile.

Logan Schuchart would roll from pole position in heat race number 3, but the top side prevailed at the drop of the green flag, and Carson Macedo would go on to take the top spot and Logan would roll under the checkered flag in the second position, placing both Shark Racing Machines in the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash!

The drivers draw for starting positions for the dash and Logan would draw the two spot while Jacob drew the three-spot. While this is exciting for the team, you can also imagine some butterflies come when your cars are racing that close together, that deep into the night, and this was shaping up to be both fun and a nerve-racking night for the Drydene Shark Racing Team.

When the green flag dropped on the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash Kraig Kinser would jump out to the advantage, and Jacob Allen would also flex his muscle working his way past teammate Logan Schuchart for the runner up position. Jacob would bring it home in second place, and Logan would follow in third, putting both Shark Racing machines on the front row of the four wide!

As the crew began to finish up final preparations for the A-Main event the World of Outlaws officials would sound the horn for stagging, and it was now time for the 25 lap shootout around the famed half mile. And for the second time this season while Johnny Gibson delivered the greatest call in all of motorsport, it would be a pair of sharks under the fireworks leading the way in the four-wide salute to the fans!

When the formation breaks lose the level of excitement ratchets up as the A-Main is set to go green. And at the drop of the green flag, Jacob Allen got a little bit wide and momentarily fell back to fourth place, but the Newmans Engine powerplant would show its worth and Jacob sailed around the top side of one and two regaining the second position. Logan would fall into a battle with Daryn Pittman who showed he would be a force to reckon with before the night was over.

During the next three laps, you could have cued up the Jaws theme song as Allen was running down Kinser and it was just a matter of time until Allen made his move for the lead around the top side of the Devil’s Bowl Speedway. At the halfway point Jacob had a comfortable lead but was entering lap traffic, and Logan Schuchart and Daryn Pittman both were closing in on the race leader. On lap thirteen in a bittersweet moment, Logan Schuchart turned under Jacob Allen in turns three and four and took over the top spot.

And just as quick as that happened Daryn Pittman found the rubber at the bottom of the racetrack and flew by both Jacob and Logan to take the top spot. Logan, however, remained calm got down into the rubber and when Daryn made one mistake, Logan was there to capitalize on it. On lap 17 Pittman evaded the rubber to make a move on a lap car, and that was the opening Logan needed. Schuchart executed the pass perfectly and would go on to prevail and grab his second win of the very young 2019 season! Jacob Allen would hold on to his very first podium finish of the season and deliver Team Dryden with their best team result to date.

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