About Us & Hallo


Company Overview

K2W Precision, Inc. is located in a small Dutch rooted community which is spread across the flat rich farmland plains, of Northwest Iowa. “Keizer,” a Dutch word, with a translated meaning of “Emperor” or “Empire,” was chosen as our products call sign to distinguish its presence among our competitors. We have prided ourselves on building our empire, based on performance and engineering, and backed by service. This has and will remain to be the backbone of our company’s success. We are and will continue to be the “Keizer” of the custom racing wheel industry.

Our Team

+ President and CEO / Wade Huisman: Wade started working with wheels in the late 90’s. He has worked all sides of the custom wheel industry from equipment maintenance, production, assembly & shipping.  Over the past few years, processes, performance,marketing and upgrades have all been on his teams watch. With an engineering background and deep rooted business schooling, he was quite at home with both the mechanics and paper work of the business. In 2001, Wade moved to lead Sales/Tech. Manager at Keizer Aluminum Wheels Inc.  He would cover everything from marketing to delivery and was quite at home to take on the position of General Manager in 2003. 10 years later he formed K2W precision Inc and acquired the production rights to produce and market the Keizer wheel product line. He currently is in charge of all facets of the business at K2W Precision Inc and is partnered with his brother in-law.  Wade, still today, fields all technical matters and orders that deal with the Keizer custom racing wheel line and its services. “This idea of being highly involved, keeps our company where it needs to be.” Wade Huisman

+ Vice President & General Manager / Nate DeWeerd: Nate, our backbone, keeps a close eye on our rotating world of wheels. Nate has worked in the wheel industry for an equal amount of time starting as a wheel polisher his freshman year in high school.  Starting at from the earliest of days he has done it all. With so many options for so many forms of racing it can be a daunting task, keeping the inventory rotation in check with our customers needs. With years of internal experience, Nate knows when to say when and how to keep it all going. From the end of the production line, polishing lines, inventory holding, to final build, he is involved.  Nate sees it from blank to box and on the way to the customer. He has Post grad education in both business and machining.  Nate partnered with to K2W Precision Inc in 2013.

+ Sponsorship Contingency Manager / Angie Huisman: Angie joined our team as we had a overwhelming need for an assistant to help field the sponsorship requests and contingency packages for the industry. It was a big change from her time spent helping kids with developmental needs to assisting us in the office. Angie is the key person in our marketing circle who handles all those goodies received at the track or in the mail. Angie is responsible for over $100,000+ of freebies given away to the racers, teams, clubs and organizations to show our overwhelming appreciation to our customers and racers. We greatly appreciate the business and success you have given us over the years and Angie is always there to try and help.

Our Backbone

We also would like to mention the entire production crew that work under our management at K2W precisin Inc. Without the help and daily efforts put forth from all not mentioned, we would be lost. I cannot say enough how smoothly our growth has progressed.  This is credited only to the hard work and dedication of the individuals who work here. With too many to list and skills too long to pin down, we just say a sincere thanks to all our employees.