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Keizer Wheel & K2W Precision Apperal

Here you will find all the gear to go with you to victory lane. We only pick quality printers in the US as well as top quality suppliers of our apparel. We have a full section of Keizer Shirts & hats. You can also find here a discounted Keizer wheels fire suit we can offer you. Lastly if you wanted to replicate the K2W Precision Inc "Crew" shirts, we have them! Authentic as the uniforms our manufacturing plant workers wear!

Keizer Wheels and K2W Precision Inc apparel.

  • Keizer Long sleeve t’s
  • Keizer short sleeve t’s
  • Keizer sipper Hoodie
  • Keizer FlatBill hat with K2W Logo
  • Keizer TruckerBill hat with K2W Logo
  • Keizer  beennie hat with K2W Logo
  • K2W Precision Inc “Crew”shirts  (Features all our brands)
  • Madpans Flatbill hat with K2W logo
  • Kiezer Discounted Fire suit!!!!!!!!!!

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