Remote Airchuck/guage

January 1st, 2015 by Wade Huisman

Remote Air gauge chuck

***Attention*** Your bleeder valves were not built or intended to be used as air fill valves. Yes, they accept air at nearly 4x the normal volume. But this can create for a very dangerous situation when close attention to detail is missed. Never go over your tire or wheels instructed air pressure for any reason.  Failure to follow proper mounting procedures can lead to serious injury or death. 

This Clip-on Pressure gauge with a liquid filled display is durability and highly accuracy. A must for any team following proper mounting and safety procedures. The bleed button lets you release pressure when needed while the long hose keeps you at safe distance while at peak pressure. A must for any team mounting or dismounting wheels of any brand, regardless of the wheels age. This pressure gauge features a nice clip-on chuck at the end so you can attach it to your stock valve stem. You can then monitor your pressure in real time while inflating or deflating Your tire assuring you never go over the recommended maximum pressures needed.

**Never Exceed 35PSI to mount a tire.
**Only use professional mounting lube to assist the bead.
**Never use a detergent based soap when mounting tires.
**Never use WD-40 when mounting tires
** Always practice extreme care and follow all manufacturers safety directions when mounting tires. Failure to do so can lead to Extreme injury or death. See all warning labels and follow your owners manuals closely.

Also available with Nitrogen filled mobile accessory tanks.

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