Wide 5 Beadlock

February 2nd, 2015 by Wade Huisman

Keizer Wide 5 3pc modular Beadlock
Wheel width up to 20″+ wide!
Available in Polished Or Blackout options.

To Date this is still the one and only 3pc Modular Wide 5 racing wheel. This beadlock wheel features forged inner & outer beadlock rings with a tig welding to insure the strongest possilbe peice for our racers. The 6061 Wheel parts and with its solid billet t6 center makes this the strongest beadlock wheel available.

Item Code examples:
Mw15145bl =15x14x5 Beadlock
Mw15145blmc =15x14x5 Beadlock W/over
Mw15145blmcb =15x14x5 Beadlock W/over in black
Mw159bl =15×9 Beadlock outer half(replacement half)
Mw159blmc =15×9 Beadlock half W/cover
Mw155BC =15×5 Brake Side(replacement inner half)

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