Wide 5 “Proring” STD With mudcover tabs

February 2nd, 2015 by Wade Huisman

Wide 5 Proring Wheel

Wide 5 “Proring” wheel with Mudcover tabs!
Sizes 15×6″-15×20″+ width’s available
Polished Or Blackout options available
Replacement halves readily available

If you didn’t know it, Keizer was the first wheel to integrate mudcover accessories into its outer lip. There is a great story behind it. Integrated mudcover tabs allow this standard wheel to protect itself from mudpack. Replacement peices are avialble for the “Proring wheels as well. Mudcvoers can be purchased with our without the wheel when ordering.

Example sizing chart.
Mw15145pr= 15x14x5 “Proring”(standard wheel W/cover tabs)
Mw15145prmc= 15x14x5 “Proring” Wheel W/cover
Mw159pr= 15×9 proring outer half(replacement half)
Mw159blmc= 15×9 proring outer half W/cover
Mw155BC= 15×5 Brake Side(replacement inner half)

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