Inner BeadlockWide 5 Wheel

February 2nd, 2015 by Wade Huisman

Wide 5 Inner beadlock Wheel

Keizer Wide5 3pc Inner beadlock wheel.
Inner Billet beadlock design W Brake clearence.
Available with Proring outer W/cover
Polished Or Blackout options.
Replacement halves readily available!

This Inner beadlock wheel has allot of billet bling handing around! The Billet center backed by the Billet inner beadlock system gives this wheel a great platform to prove its performance. It also can come with the Proring option that will allow it to be run with a mudcover. No more worries about losing that left rear wheel under tough track conditions.

Example sizing chart.
MW15145ibl= 15x14x5 Inner Beadlock
MW15145iblmc= 15x14x5 Inner Beadlock W/cover
MW159Pr= 15×9 Proring outer half(replacement half)
MW159Prmc= 15×9 Proring half W/cover(replacement half)
MW159= 15×9 STD outer half (replacement half)
MW155BCIBL= 15x5inner W/Beadlock(replacement inner half)

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