10″1pcforged 10CL4 Formula student wheel.

September 17th, 2020 by Wade Huisman

Designed specifically for the upper echelon teams competing in formula student racing across the world.   100% USA born and bread…   This 6061 t6 1pc forging is truly a product of the commitment shown to our formula student partners over the last 25years.  Thousands of engineering departments proudly display cars from years gone by on our wheels.   The 10cl4 will  carry the next generation of teams across the world to podium finishes.

  • Forged 1pc centerlock design..
  • 6.25lbs or lighter.
  • Perfect run out!  Unmatched tolerances!
  • 10x6wide & 10x7wide available.
  • Raw forgings available. All profile work complete.

2021 Sponsorship pricing!

Forged 1pc Center lock=$275each@qnty4   $250each @ qty 8  (Teams finish final internal center details to fit hub)

Forged 1pc Center lock=$300each@qnty4   $275each @ qty.(This is the generic off center bore & pin drive)  8×2.25”  .350” holes.  1.5” center hole.

Forged 1pc Center lock=$425each@qnty4   $400each @ qty 8.(Keizer finishes final internal center details to fit hub. Per teams specs)

Raw Forging lathe turned=$175each

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