3″forged Billet wheel center

February 27th, 2015 by Wade Huisman

Redesigned for 2017!!!

P6 rear spring car splined center.
Cold Forged 2024 aircraft aluminum.
Extensive CNC Machine Work with integrated steel inserts and deep black anodizing.
Durable Broached splines for lasting use.

New for 2017 is our  redesigned 2024 sprint car hubs.   The P series has been a great hub for us over the last 2 seasons.   But now we have made it even better!!!   The new P series hubs have redesigned features which include built in threaded inserts, added lateral strength all cut into a new 2024 t6 forging.   Although the P series center’s overall look the same, they bring a huge strength gain across the board.   Available now!!!

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