Joe Krcelich wins XC2!!!!

April 29th, 2015 by Wade Huisman

In the SxS XC2 Pro Sport class, Keizer Wheel on top with Joe Krcelich beating the mud to take home the win. Krcelich grabbed the holeshot and took an early lead, and he drove smart, which allowed him to stay out front and win the race. Not only did Krcelich win, he was also the only racer in XC2 Pro Sport class to complete four laps. “I got the holeshot and caught up to the class ahead of me. I just tried to drive smart and finish the race. There were cars everywhere on the side of the track, so I didn’t go out there and go as fast as I could because it was more of a survival race than anything. There was a lot of carnage out there, but our Racer Tech parts held up great,” said Krcelich.

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