Dutch Drag line upgrades!

December 31st, 2018 by Wade Huisman

2018 Performance Racing Industry trade show marked the date the world was introduced to the latest and greatest offered by Keizer. Our Dutch drag line has always been available. But never before have we offered such an expansion of performance driven designs specifically for the drag market. The 2019 season will be a huge test of delivery skill as the orders have been coming in steady. We welcome all questions and dealer inquiries.

2019 Keizer Dutch Drag Line.

2019 Keizer Dutch Drag Line.

-13” multiple Import designs in 3pc standard, Single, and double beadlock wheels. 

-15” Import and Domestic skinnies multiple designs forged 1pc and 3pc.

-15” Import and Domestic 3pc. Standard, Single, and Double beadlock wheels.

16” Double beadlock 3pc wheels

17” Skinnies Multiple designs of 1pc forged wheels.

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