A little Sunshine to start the week!

July 19th, 2017 by Wade Huisman

Bloomington, Indiana………Tyler Courtney entered Indiana Midget Week with a pocket full of sunshine.  After two victories in the first four rounds of the six-race series, the driver known as “Sunshine” left Bloomington Speedway Friday night with a pocket full of cash.


Springfield, Illinois……Throughout the 2017 USAC Midget National Championship season, Tyler Courtney has proven himself as the streak-stopper.

After leading each of the previous three races at Kokomo, Ind., Macon, Ill. and Lincoln, Ill. for a total of 32 laps, Courtney had put together a string of three-straight third-place finishes.  Though some would accept that as a solid night, the driver known as “Sunshine” felt that was a letdown and immediately sought to end that run of events with a performance he wouldn’t regret.

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