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Cold Spun
Our wheels are meticulously cold spun, ensuring precise dimensions, enhanced strength, and a flawless finish.
Double Heat Treat
Our wheels undergo a rigorous double heat treatment process, maximizing their strength and resilience for optimal performance.
Weight & Strength
Our wheels boast superior weight and strength, surpassing competitors in performance and durability.
Cold Forged Billet
Our wheels are expertly crafted from high-quality cold forged aluminum billet, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

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At Keizer Wheels, we understand the challenges and aspirations that drive the racing industry. Whether you’re a racing team or an individual pursuing your passion, we’ve experienced the journey of turning dreams into a reality. Founded in Orange City, Iowa, we were surrounded by a welcoming community of people striving for greatness. Wade’s (CEO) father, a farmer by trade, had a deep love for racing, which ignited our early connection to the industry. Seeking a future beyond farming, he took a leap of faith and invested in a racing business, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. With dedication and the support of our team, we focused on exceptional customer service as our main marketing strategy. Through countless races and shows, we built our reputation by delivering high-quality wheels and relying on satisfied customers to spread the word. Tragedy struck when Wade’s dad, an avid pilot, tragically passed away. Despite the loss, we rallied together and persevered, defying the odds. We expanded our facilities and brought various operations in-house, enabling us to produce exceptional wheels while maintaining full control over quality. Today, Keizer Wheels stands as a testament to the power of determination and teamwork. With state-of-the-art facilities and a bold vision, we continue to exceed expectations, serving as a reliable partner to racers, teams, and individuals who strive for greatness. Join us on our journey as we combine expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to deliver high-performance wheels that fuel racing dreams.

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