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Used & Reconditioned wheel outlet

The keizer Wheel family has grown 10 fold over the last 5 years. We thank all teams large and small for this effort. With that comes a lot of wheels moving around. Please contact us if you need help getting connected with some. We also offer refurbishing services. As wheels get to a certain age the history is unknown. How many wrecks, how many walls, how many flips did it endure? Each Keizer wheel, that has been produced by K2W Precision Inc. will be outfitted with a serial label that should not be removed. This serial number helps us track a wheels history and age. We suggest replacing any components that are outdated and do not hold a valid serial number. All used refurbished wheels are visually inspected for defects, cleaned up and reassembled for shipment. Refurbished services do come with fees, generally not associated with buying directly from teams. Please call for more information.

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